Books in the Dorrie Series

Dorrie's Magic
Dorrie mixes up some magic to clean up her room.  But instead of a clean room, she gets a house full of chaos.

Dorrie and the Blue Witch (1964) Now Available Print-On-Demand
When Mildred, a nasty blue witch, shows up at Dorrie’s front door one afternoon, Dorrie must find a way to stop her.

Dorrie's Play (1965)
On the day of the Costume Ball, Dorrie decides to put on a play for the Big Witch and Cook.

Dorrie and the Weather Box  (1966)
When their picnic plans are ruined by bad weather, Dorrie and Gink mix a magic potion to stop the rain.  But insead of clear skies, they get bad weather in the house.

Dorrie and the Witch Doctor  (1967)
Dorrie decides to make the extra effort to be good all day--even when her Aunt Agra comes to visit.  But when Dorrie suddenly gets sick, the Witch Doctor comes with some unusual cures for some unusual illnesses.

Dorrie and the Wizard's Spell  (1968) Now Available Print-On-Demand
When Big Witch accidentally drinks Wink the Wizard's magic potion, Dorrie and Gink must first figure out what happened to her—and then undo the spell.

Dorrie and the Haunted House (1970)
While accidentally locked out of her house by the Glue Spell, Dorrie finds herself in a haunted house with two criminals who have stolen the Blue Ruby.

Dorrie and the Birthday Eggs (1971)
Dorrie accidentally breaks the eggs meant for the Big Witch’s birthday cake, and must go to the Egg Witch to get more.  But Thinnever Vetch is making mischief for everyone.

Dorrie and the Goblin (1972)
Dorrie and Gink learn that Goblin sitting is no easy task when one shows up on her doorstep on the day of the Big Witch's magic show.

Dorrie and the Fortune Teller (1973)
Madame Zee the Fortune Teller warns that Witchville will soon be destroyed.  But Dorrie and Gink suspect that Madame Zee is not all she claims to be.

Dorrie and the Amazing Magic Elixir (1974) Now Available Print-On-Demand
Dorrie must keep the Green Wizard from stealing the Big Witch’s latest creation:  an elixir that makes one hex-proof, spell-proof, and potion-proof.

Dorrie and the Witch's Imp (1975)
When Gloris the Witch comes to sabotage the Big Witch's dinner party, Dorrie and Gink must not only outwit her, but the double she conjures up to take Dorrie's place.

Dorrie and the Halloween Plot (1976) Now Available Print-On-Demand
After learning of their evil plan, Dorrie must keep the Halloween demons from kidnapping the Great Sorceress and her Book of Shadows.

Dorrie and the Dreamyard Monsters (1977)
Dorrie is accidentally conjured away into the Dreamworld, where she discovers that the Dreamyard monsters have imprisoned the Dream Witch, and are causing all of Witchville to have nightmares.

Dorrie and the Screebit Ghost (1979)
After she conjures up a mischievous ghost, Dorrie has to keep it out of trouble—and away from the Big Witch.

Dorrie and the Witchville Fair (1980)
Old Irontoes has a nasty surprise for everyone at the fair, and tries to steal the Big Witch’s new potion.

Dorrie and the Witches' Camp (1983)
Something is frightening people away from the Witches' Camp, so Dorrie, Gink, the Big Witch and Cook go there to investigate.

Dorrie and the Museum Case (1986)
Dorrie, Gink and her cousin Cosmo find themselves invisible and wandering around the new Oddson-Ends Museum. Meanwhile, Giblett the Enchanter is mixing up some evil magic.

Dorrie and the Pin Witch (1989)
On the day of the Witches' Ball, everyone in Witchville is cross and crabby.  Dorrie suspects that the cause is a spell, but must avoid everyone's fighting to find the answer.

Dorrie and the Haunted Schoolhouse (1992)
Dorrie has to go to school to learn spells and potions.  But when she arrives, she and the other students find the schoolhouse deserted, and their teacher missing.






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